Powerhouse v. The Car Thieves, Part Three

Continued from Part Two

Powerhouse spent the next week following car thieves, but most were joy riders. He caught a break when he followed a car thief to an underground parking garage. The thief drove through the garage and towards a wall. The thief pulled out a remote. A secret passage opened. He drove through it.

Powerhouse stared. “How did thieves get a secret passage inside an Insurance Company parking garage?”

He shrugged it off, used his powers to open the door, and flew after the car thief.

At the end of the tunnel, about a dozen young men had assembled. They stared up at him. One asked, “What the heck is that?”

“I’m Powerhouse and I’m here to clean your carburetor.”

The thieves exchanged confused looks. Two pulled out guns. Powerhouse landed. They started firing. He ducked behind a barrel, created two smoke bombs, and threw them. The smoke blinded the thieves, but his helmet had heat-sensors.

He knocked out the two with guns, grabbed their weapons, and tied them up. He swatted off seven more men like flies.

An engine started. Powerhouse turned. An indigo Jaguar barreled towards him. He jumped out of the speeding Jaguar’s way.

The Jaguar raced towards the exit. He flew ahead and used his powers to close the exit. One of the thieves pushed a button on a remote to reopen it, but Powerhouse closed it before the car could go through. The Jaguar stopped a few feet from the exit and the driver reopened it. He closed it again.

After like five minutes of this, Powerhouse flew over to the car window, grabbed the remote, and tied up the three thieves.

“Powerhouse triumphs again!”

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