Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Twenty

Continued from Part Nineteen

Marcos picked up the phone in his office.

“Captain Welch here. Night Lord turn-ed himself in. He’s singing like a canary.”

Marcos growled. Must he hold Welch’s hand? “Take care of it.”




The Emerald Avenger stood across from Marcos’ office. Thank God he hadn’t killed Night Lord. No real hero would stoop to cold-blooded murder. Besides, his ultimate target was Marcos. He had a feeling Marcos would be harder to take.

He’d better call it a day early, for the evening would be long and hard.



 “We know you’re not the top dog,” said the District Attorney.

Night Lord sighed. His hair stood on end, but that was nothing compared to what Marcos would do to him. “I’m not taking you to anybody else.”

“Look, you could get the death pen-alty for killing Jones. Come on, you’re young; it doesn’t have to be this way. Give us Marcos, and you don’t even have to go to prison. You can start a new life with a clean slate.”

“I’ll think about it. May I return to my cell now?”


All of five minutes back in the slam-mer, the cell door opened. A man with a black hood hiding his face signaled for Night Lord to follow. He led Night Lord through security. Behind them, police offi-cers shouted and their feet thundered with the pursuit.

The hooded man pointed to a rusted tan van and handed him the keys. “There’s a map to Canada inside. Go there and lay low.”

“Thanks,” Night Lord said.

The man ran away. Night Lord leapt into the van. Police emerged from the jail. Night Lord turned the ignition.

The van exploded into flames.

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