The Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Nineteen

Continued from Part Eighteen

The Emerald Avenger’s archnemesis screamed. “You promised!”

He ignored a twinge of guilt. “That’s just a silly moral rule you don’t even believe in. I’m fighting evil and can’t be bound by stupid superhero rules. Say good night.”

He went to press the button to end Night Lord’s life, but stopped at the specter that appeared. “Zolgron?”

“What’s a Zolgron?” Night Lord cried.

Zolgron said, “I just wanted to ask you if you were sure you wanted to kill him.”

“He’s a scumbag.”

“True, but killing a member of your own species destroys something in a human. I’ve had several hosts go insane and become mass murderers. I leave this decision to you.”

The Emerald Avenger watched Night Lord cringe. The Emerald Avenger placed the remote control in his pocket. The collar and chains fell off Night Lord.

“The nearest police station is six blocks away. Take one wrong step and you’re dead.”

Night Lord nodded and fled across the shag carpeting The Emerald Avenger had laid as part of his justice. Night Lord jump-ed and screamed with every step.

The Emerald Avenger followed. Night Lord made it to the police station post haste.

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