Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Twenty-One

Continued from Part Twenty

Marcos ignored the ringing phone, not wanting to wake up yet. His wife mur-mured sleepily, “Honey, get that.”

Marcos yanked the phone up.

“This is the Refrigerator Co-op. I’m just calling to see if your refrigerator’s running.”

“Yeah, it’s running fine.”

Laughter exploded. “You better go catch it!”

Marcos cursed and hung up.

The phone rang again.

Marcos grimaced and picked up. “What is it?”

“Are you R. M. Pitts?”

“There’s no R. M. Pitts here.”

“Of course there are, you have two.”

“Look, do you know who I am?”

“I know exactly who you are.” The voice grew deeper. “You murdered Rev-erend Jones.”

Marcos stifled a yell and glanced at his wife’s sleeping form. “Who are you?”

A brick shattered the window. His wife bolted up in bed and screamed.

“Sweet dreams,” the voice said. A click followed on the line.

Marcos hung up and ran over to pick up the brick. He trembled at the note.

I’ll destroy you! You are mur-dering scum, the lowest form of life on earth, and I’ll ruin your miserable life. All men will treat you like the dirt bag you are.

Respectfully yours,

The Emerald Avenger.

“What is it?” his wife asked.

“Uh, never mind, honey. Go back to sleep.”

Marcos didn’t get a wink of sleep the rest of the night.

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