Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Fourteen

Continued from Part Thirteen

Through the Avenging Eagle’s peri-scope, the Emerald Avenger watched a youth with dreadlocks knock on Tommy Hitchens’ door. Strange, he’d spent eight hours plus yesterday watching Hitchens march to doors—to deliver pizza. Besides snooze until ten, the only other thing Hitch-ens seemed to know how to do was crash in front of the television.

Hitchens opened the door. “Hey, Ace, what’s up?”

Dreadlocks asked, “You ready for some action, bro?”

“You bet.”

“Then let’s hit the road.”

 “Finally!” The Emerald Avenger  followed them in stealth mode and groan-ed when they stopped. “The zoo!”

He stayed close by them in the zoo and listened to them talk, hoping to catch them trying to sell drugs.

Hitchens said, “The elephants are cool.”

“Straight up.”



The Emerald Avenger zoomed, his radar scanning for any sign of his drug dealers. He’d fallen asleep at the zoo and lost them.

Ah, the bank, the drug dealers must be robbing it.

The young men came out waving about savings bonds—and receipts.

Hitchens said, “I’m glad we did this. It’s important to save for the future.”

Ace nodded. “Word.”

“Now for some real action, right, man?”

The Emerald Avenger muttered, “About time!”

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