Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Fifteen

Continued from Part Fourteen

Déjà vu slammed the Emerald Aven-ger as he sat in the pew behind the assas-sins at Reverend Jones’ old church.

No more preachers would die, not with the Emerald Avenger on the case.

Finally, the preacher’s lips stopped. The Emerald Avenger watched on the edge of his seat as Hitchens got up and prayed with the preacher. If the kid pulled a gun, he’d quickly dematerialize it with-out anyone seeing him.

Hitchens shook the preacher’s hand and walked out the door. The Emerald Avenger slipped out the back. “I’ll be old man before I get to Night Lord’s lair this way. I have to speed this up.”



Around nine in the morning, Dave called Hitchens. “Night Lord speaking. Come to headquarters at once.”

Hitchens yawned. “First, I don’t know where your headquarters are at. Second, you got me confused with my brother, Timmy, again. He’s the dope dealer.”

“Oh, my mistake.”

“Just don’t bother me at this hour.”

“It’s not my fault you were up until two a.m. watching the Marx Brothers.”

“Hey, how did you know that?”

Dave hung up. That was close.

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