Laser and Sword Annual Edition Out

If you only buy one edition of Laser and Sword, make it this one. It’s our annual edition. For $14.42, you get all 3 of this year’sĀ issuing featuring Order of the Sword, Rise of the Judge, and Tales of the Dim Knight. Here’s some highlights of this year’s stories:

The Heroes of Laser and Sword are back for another year in nine new adventures:

–Small Packages must find out who’s behind the disappearance of the stranded heroes and avoid being the next victim, while Captain Justice plots his comeback in the absence of the Sword.

–The Angel Jirel has to save Snyder from an abusive commanding officer, and Snyder has to thwart an anti-human ecoterrorist group.

–Powerhouse’s flies smack into reality. It’s one thing for Dave Johnson and his super powered symbiot to face down car thieves and small town hoods, but can Powerhouse stand against the Seattle mob?

You can review the archive if you’d care to read from last year’s stories or you can order last year’s annual edition as well.