Deadly Sins, Part Seven

Continuing from Part Six

Returning from vacation three days later, Snyder headed for his old cubicle. Greywolf caught his arm. “Come on, Private. We’ve got a case in Chicago.”

They walked back to Emergency ops. Snyder took his seat. Odd. Where were the other techies? Snyder glanced questioningly at Greywolf. She smiled. He squirmed.

She didn’t have work on her mind.


Jirel drummed his fingers on his quarter’s desk, turned to face Smith in the HV window.

Smith shook his head. “There’s nothing on any of these girls. Nothing at all.”

“There’s got to be something. Zorba always has a plan, and it’s usually predictable. She’ll be attached to a fellow techie and make her move in the break room, at meal times, or maybe during PT.”

“Well, you’ve not seen any evidence to suggest anything like that.”

Jirel grimaced. “I’ve barely seen Snyder for three months. He’s been on all these emergency ops and then back to his room just long enough to pack his duffel bag and go on leave.”

“He doesn’t sleep in his room?”

“Apparently not. I asked his NCO, and he suggested I was being a nursemaid.”

“What’s his XO’s name?”

Jirel’s mouth went agape. “Smith, that’s it. His XO. I should have realized it sooner, but the last time I dealt with Zorba, women couldn’t hold such positions. But what better way to trap him?”

Continued…Next Thursday

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