Countdown, Part Sixteen

Continued from Part Fifteen

They reached the hall of knives. Ken-dell turned to Rawlings. “Deactivate the booby trap. I’ll go through first.”

Rawlings pressed a series of buttons by the panel. The knives retracted. “Done.”

Kendell removed her recorder and flicked it on. “The prisoner deactivated the booby trap. I will go first, followed by the prisoner and then Private Snyder. If I do not make it through this, private, you are under orders to kill her under the Imperial Army Emergency Act.”

Kendell tossed the recorder to Snyder.

Rawlings said, “Hold on, I don’t be-lieve I’ve fully deactivated it.”

Kendell smiled. “Do tell.”

Rawlings pressed more buttons. “You can go through now Sergeant.”

“Thank you.” Kendell walked through the passage. Snyder followed Rawlings through.

Rawlings sneered. “Snyder? I heard about your efforts in Boise. When the Empire brings me on, I’m going to unleash my campaign on Boise first.”

Snyder followed the women out of the hall of knives, grim-faced. Why did I have to pick now to get religious? I pull the trigger on her and its cold blooded murder. I don’t even have the authority to kill her. She’s going to try and partner with my boss.

Three shots rang through the air.

Blood splattered from Rawlings’ back and her throat, before her brains exploded in Snyder’s face. The body fell into Snyder’s arms. Tremors over took him. The bullets could have—should have—hit him as well.

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