Ask a Superhero: Theme Music

Int.: As a Superhero afficianado, could you tell us what superhero has the coolest theme music?

Dave: That’s pretty easy. Superman.

Int.: Any particular version?

Dave: Every version, whether it was a cartoon, a TV show or a movie, Superman had great themes. Very exciting and stirring. I also love the 1960s Batman Theme and fight music. I used to like the Danny Elfman Batman music from Batman with Michael Keaton, but Willy Wonka ruined that.

Int.: Why?

Dave: Well Derrick wanted to See Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which Elfman scored almost the same way as he did Batman. I was expecting the Joker to appear at any moment in that movie. Now, when I see that Batman series, I end up expecting Oompa Loompas to jump out, so I can’t even enjoy those.

Int.: You don’t like oompa loompas?

Dave: Not in a Batman movie. Maybe if there was an Oompa Loompa Superhero villain.

Int.: Like maybe the riddler as an Oompa Loompa. “Oompa Loompa Dupedy Doo, Batman, I’ve got another riddle for you.”

Dave: Well something like that anyway.

Int: Beyond the music ruined by Danny Elfman, is there any supehero theme you don’t like?

Dave: Sure from the 1966-67 Iron Man TV show. That’s too cheesy, even for me.

Int: I didn’t know that was possible. What about your own theme music?

Dave: My theme music? I’d have to have a TV show first.

Int: You know like when some basebally players come to the plate, they have music playing, like We Will Rock You.

Dave: You expect me to fly into battle, playing, We Will Rock You.

Int: You mean you’ve not thought of it?

Dave: Not that specifically, I did ask about a theme for the website. The lawyers say I can’t have theme music that’s been published because the artists can sue. They said I could use public domain music for a theme, but the only thing I’ve come up with is World War I fight music. Imagine flying into battle with that.

Int.: I see the challenge. Maybe, you should consider some giveaways.

Dave: That’s a thought.

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