Your Average Ordinary Alien Released as 99 Cent E-book

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released my short story, “Your Average Ordinary Alien” as en ebook.

Your Average Ordinary Alien tells the story of Kirk Picard Skywalker, a sci fi fanatic who dreams of being abducted by aliens after his girlfriend leaves him and he faces the awful prospect of having to get a real job. Kirk gets his wish, but the aliens are not all what he expected.

Praise for Your Average Ordinary Alien (2007 print version that appeared in the Light at the Edge of Darkness) anthology:

“Your Average Ordinary Alien” made me laugh out loud.”-Debbie Wilson, Christian Book

“I love the idea of a hard core SF fan being abducted by aliens and finding out they aren’t so different from us after all. Kirk Skywalker (he changed his name) summed it up best: “I finally get to meet an alien and he tells me that you’re just flying green WASPs.”-Karina Fabian, Virtual Book Tour De ‘Net.

The book is available in the Kindle Store or for the Ipad, Sony Reader, Nook, and other ebook formats at Smashwords.