War Under Glass, Part Nine

Continued from Part Eight

Pantheon said, “Could you go on ahead a few paces? I’ll catch up.”

Jesse squinted. “What’s the matter?”

Pantheon blushed. “I need to-”

Revelator tugged on Jesse’s arm. “Sure thing. Come on, Jesse.” Even he knew better than to further interrogate a woman that asked for space.

Jesse sent him a clueless look. “What was that all about?”

“Later. I actually have something more important to tell you. Pantheon has chosen the man she wants as her mate.”

“Laban you old dog. I never imagined-”

“Not me, Sword. You.”

Jesse laughed. “Get real. Jesse Miller sent wedding photos to every hero Sword Comics has under contract, including her. And my secret identity is no more a secret to them than theirs is to me.”

Only true identities could sign legal contracts and without fail Jesse had to reveal his in order to convince recruits to reveal theirs to him. “She doesn’t care. Every time you kill one of those devil dogs, she becomes more convinced you’re meant to be together. She doesn’t plan on us ever going home.”

“I can’t believe that. Our heroes all hold to certain ideals. Sleeping with a married man doesn’t fit the profile.”

Revelator let out a sigh. “You know, Jesse. Having a telepath around is totally worthless if you won’t listen.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just hard to believe.”

“Yeah, it makes her human. I suppose you wouldn’t be allowed to notice how good the lady in the pew behind us looked in the mini-skirt and pantyhose.”

A red-faced Jesse growled. “Laban! My grandmother always said Good Christians mind their own business and pay attention in church! What about you?”

“I get the CDs. But my point is the same. Maybe she won’t act on it, but you should know anyway.” Revelator turned his head. “We’re not alone. ”

“I know, she’ll be back any minute.”

“Somebody else is in the cavern. I can’t tell anything about them. But they’re here and it’s not DM.”

“But Dark Mystic blocks you unless he wants you to hear.”

“No, this guy’s not blocking me. I just can’t read him from this distance.”

Pantheon returned and they continued their trek forwards.

“We’re close. There’s two more ahead.”

Jesse nodded. “That’ll be eight. Then only one more between us and the end.”

They took a few steps forward. Pantheon charged past Jesse and Revelator.

Jesse stared. “What’s she doing?”

“What else? Trying to impress you.”

She jumped off to the left and speared a devil dog like a shish kabob. She used the poor creature to beat its compatriot. Jesse fired energy beams at the dog on the stick and it’s opponent.

Jesse grimaced. Killing attacking animals is a necessity. Torturing the beasts is not. “Come on, we got to get moving.”

Revelator could second that. Pantheon deserved a lecture. But it’d best wait until they were out of danger.

Contrary to Pantheon’s dour face, her brainwaves were quite pleased. The Sword is showing his strength in the relationship. He’s attracted even though he would deny it. I’ll have another chance, but best not to overplay my hand. “Coming, Sword.”

Revelator shook his head. “Oh, brother.”

A light shone to the left and a new thought pattern appeared. Before Revelator could latch on, it was gone.

The barking began again.

“Run!” screamed Jesse.

A sinking feeling was in Revelator’s stomach. Somehow, he didn’t think what was ahead of them was much better.


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