War Under Glass, Part Fourteen

\Continued from Part Thirteen

From Skyscraper’s front pocket, Small Packages looked through his binoculars, but couldn’t tell what  was going on up ahead.

Captain Revolution said, “Dark Mystic has Payday’s gun!”

“I’ll take care of it.” The Defender threw a bola at Dark Mystic.

The bola hit as the gun fired, knocking it away and deflecting the bullet. Dark Mystic zoomed into the air, firing his flame thrower.

Skyscraper expanded to 60 feet in height.

Small Packages shouted, “Not so fast, professor!” Skyscraper’s titanic hand slapped Dark Mystic from the sky like a bug.

Skyscraper shrunk down to normal size and Small Packages jumped out of his pocket and down to the ground.

Captain Revolution threw his full force against Dark Mystic. Rage roared out of Dark Mystic as he threw off China’s strongest man.

The Defender threw another bola at Dark Mystic, hog tying him. Dark Mystic snapped through the bola like fishing line. “None of you can defeat me.”

“How about all of us?” Small Packages dashed beneath Dark Mystic’s robe, got a grip on his legs, and heaved the giant up. He spun Dark Mystic like a Merry Go-Round and slammed him into the gnarled, orange-streaked black trunk of a tree.

Dark Mystic pulled himself up, but duel sidekicks from Captain Revolution and the Empress sent him sprawling to the ground.

Speed Skater,  The Empress,  Skyscraper, Captain Revolution, and Defender stood over Dark Mystic. Small Packages stood beside the enemy giant at the feet of his giant allies.

Captain Revolution pulled the flame-thrower off the stunned Mystic’s back. “I don’t think you’ll be needing this.”

Small Packages assessed the damage to Dark Mystic. Only one bullet wound, in the shoulder. The rest were from the fracas, although steadily bleeding.

He hopped down. “You’ll live.”

Dark Mystic laughed. “Fools! You have no idea the power we possess. One night when you’re least expecting it, we will kill you one by one.”

“No you won’t.“ Payday pounded up, his gun pointed. “Back away from the target.”

Captain Revolution said, “We should take this to the Sword and let him decide.”

“He who has the gun decides, back away people. None of you are totally bulletproof and I’d hate for somebody to get hurt.”

Everyone backed off but Small Packages. Over his dead body. He jumped back up on Dark Mystic, arms outstretched.

Payday rolled his enormous eyes. “Small fry, today’s not your payday, it’s his.”

”We’re not doing this your way. We’re gonna take him back home alive and let the courts decide.”

“You heard him; we can’t keep him under guard. Besides, I prefer my way. It’s nice and clean.”

Small Packages glowered. Yeah, nice and neat, even when you kill the wrong guy. “Kind of like with Benny Bartel?”

Payday stumbled back as if he’d been slapped in the face. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t regret that.”

I bet. “His wife and kids would say the same thing, only with more feeling. The mob set him up. You didn’t know what you were doing, but still.”

“The mob paid in full.”

“Don’t bring Benny back. Look, I’m going to say this once, and only once. I was wrong to try and kill you. I’ve got no more right than you to be the executioner. Now let’s take him in.”

Dark Mystic spat and spewed vulgar curses with the basic gist of, “Yes, Marcus. Trust the police like you did with your girlfriend.“

Small Packages gasped. The demon knows our true identities?

About the same time, Payday opened fire and Dark Mystic made a run behind the tree. Small Packages grabbed onto Dark Mystic’s robe. Couldn’t let him get away.

The tree exploded into flames.

Dark Mystic grabbed Small Packages. “At least I get to kill one of you.”

He hurled Small Packages towards the tree-shaped inferno.

Continued…Next Monday in Separation

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