Unknown Mission, Part Twenty-Six

Continued from Part Twenty-Five

Jirel sat in his quarters, talking on a prepaid mobile phone. “Smith, I think I’ll be leaving soon.”

“You feel from the Lord it’s time to move on?” asked the prophet.

“We’ve got him pointed in the right direction. Whatever happened with his grandmother, whether it was a vision, a dream, or if he was caught away in the spirit, I don’t know. But it seems to have helped. He did what was right, even when it would be risky. He hasn’t even had any major temptations to speak of. Surely I’ll be called Home soon.”

An acrid smell exploded as disgusting smoke filled his room. “I’ll call you back.” Jirel hung up.

Before him stood the traitor Zorba, a red-eyed temptress masqueraded as human. He’d been shocked to find himself in this form one morning, dropped off at a diner on Earth with no explanation or instruction from his King. But this vixen willfully left her proper abode. Willfully sought human flesh. Hungered to be what they were not created to be. Imageo Deo.

Zorba lifted a cigarette to her lips and blew a puff smoke at him. “Jirel, well, speak of the devil!”

Continued Thursday in Deadly Sins

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