Things that Make an Author Smile

I came into work today and on my desk someone had slipped this note in my book, Tales of the Dim Knight:

“Adam, very good book. Thanks for a good read.”-A fan at your workplace.

Later in the day, the writer of the note came to my desk and identified himself. It was someone I’d never met before. He said he’d bought the book off of Amazon and, when he was walking by, saw my name plate and was sure that, of course, it wasn’t the same guy. He told me he’d really enjoyed the book and that it was a very fun read. My boss teased me about becoming famous and forgetting my fellow employees. 🙂

Moments like that make me smile as a first time author. I’ve always dreamed of making my fiction writing into my primary source of income and having my book read by tens of thousands. At this point, though, I’m probably approaching hundreds. But there are these little joys along the way, these little  moments that make me smile.

A positive review from someone I respect means a lot.

A positive review from someone I don’t even know shows that the book isn’t merely being read by friends and family.

I love to see that my book has been sold to someone overseas. I know I’ve sold at least six copies in the U.K.  (including Kindle copies.) To think someone is reading my book while sitting in Glasgow or London is a thrill.

Marketing is often a frustrating and uphill journey. It often feels like you’re behind and that your overall sales aren’t where they’re supposed to be and that you need to find that magic key to selling more. But somedays, you get those little moments that make you smile by realizing someone somewhere is enjoying your book, be it in the same building you work or across the world.

Thank God for the moments and for the people who bring them.