The White Plague, Part Seven

Superman rescues a man from a fire as Clark Kent moves closer to the White Plague mystery.

Original Air Date: July 7, 1941

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2 thoughts on “The White Plague, Part Seven”

  1. Hi Adam:

    I am confused. The last two episodes of Superman (parts 6 and 7) appear to be repeats of the first (or is it second) Episode. The Introductions appear to be right, but the episodes appear to be wrong. Could this be an early April Fool’s joke by Andrew R? (By the way, I love the way he breaks in to your commentary with pithy little comments….. it adds a great deal to the pod cast.

    The DC Raven

  2. No, Andrew R. isn’t editing this show. I apologize. I goofed. All episodes should be current. Download them from this page and it should be okay.

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