The Great Search, Part Eleven

Continued from Part Ten

Sariah Miller walked to her car.

“Ms. Miller?” said a man behind her.

Sariah turned. Janus stood behind her in all his tacky gold latex body paint glory. She said, “I’m afraid you’re at the wrong comic book company, sir.”

“No, I’m not here for business. I know you haven’t had a real man take you out since you let the Sword get away, and thought I might talk you into lunch.”

Not on your life, Golden boy. “I’m afraid you have your facts mixed up. I chose between Jesse and the Sword. I wanted a nice, boring, normal man with a steady income and regular hours. I made the mistake of falling for a superhero’s glitz once, and almost lost the love of my life. I won’t make that mistake again.”

“You know, it was so tragic, losing both the Sword and Miller at the same time. “

Sariah grimaced. Jesse, your secret is less of a mystery than Brittney Spears’ wardrobe. “I took a vow that said, ‘until death do us part.’”

“We both know he’s dead.”

You can’t even lie through the gold paint. You know he’s not dead.

 “Regardless, I’ve more than had my fill of your kind. Now, unless you want me to call the cops, I’d suggest you get lost.”

“I’m a gentlemen, so I’ll leave.”

I’m keeping my pepper spray handy, creep.

Sariah got in her car and pulled out her cell phone and began to dial Captain Jus-tice’s cell.

What am I going to tell him? I think Janus knows where Jesse and the others are. On the basis of woman’s intuition.

Sariah sighed. “If it could help Jesse, I’ll give it a shot.”


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