The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Two

Continued from Part One

The Emerald Avenger brought the Avenging Eagle down over Marco’s roof and scanned the premises. Marco sat in front of the TV. The Emerald Avenger tsked. “What can we do about that?” He used his powers to turn the power on and off every ten seconds.

Marco left with his bodyguards in tow and climbed in the pink Cadillac parked next to his midnight Mercedes.

The Emerald Avenger took the Eagle up and followed the Cadillac, ready to wreak more mischief. The Cadillac drove in a tunnel. The Emerald Avenger flew over it.


Marco’s bodyguard stopped the car in the tunnel behind another Cadillac, which sped out. Late at night, no one else came through the tunnel.

Marco said, “Wait about five minutes and then proceed.”

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