The Emerald Avenger v. The Corruptibles, Part Twenty-Two

Continued from Part Twenty

Captain Welch finished his meal at Fischer’s Café and took the check up to the front counter. He handed the waiter his credit card. After running it through the machine, the waiter handed it back. “Sir, your card was declined.”


“Your credit card company wouldn’t pay.”

What an outrage! “I’ll have to call them.” He paid with his debit card.

At home, he called his bank at the number on his last credit card statement. “What is wrong with you morons? Why didn’t my credit card work?”

“Because you have no money,” the female representative replied in a patronizing tone. “I’m showing you transferred the entire $12,000 limit from your credit card to your checking account at 25% interest.”

“What? Why would I do that?”

“My records indicate you took all your money out of your checking account, your savings accounts, IRAs, CDs, and your home equity line to do a wire transfer and then needed the money from the credit card to reimburse your checking account.”

Dizziness and nausea stole over Welch. “What?”

“Sir, do you require our hearing impaired line?”

“No, I heard you. Do something about this, now!”

“I’ll file a claim, and we’ll look into it.”

“No, I want my money back, now!”

“I understand that, but unfortunately, we’re not in the habit of reversing $345,000 back into your checking account just because you don’t remember doing it.”

“I want a supervisor.”

“Sure, I’ll get one.”

Several unhelpful supervisors later, Welch cursed with what remained of his voice. “Fine, I’ll file you moron’s precious claim.”

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