The Double Cross, Part Twenty

Continued from Part Nineteen

In the gym, Rick Westinghall watched the Business channel, as he lifted weights.

“We now go live to Pittsburgh, where Sariah Miller, the acting president of Sword Comics, is announcing the launch of a new comic and the comeback of one of Amer-ica’s most legendary heroes.”

The TV cut to Sariah Miller standing outside a building with—Captain Justice.

“Captain Justice! Captain Justice!” Cursing, Westinghall threw the weights across the room.

Sariah finished speaking. Captain Justice came to the mic. “Thank you. Sword comics was home to my son’s comic book, and we’re honored to continue to work to provide this great company with the stories that has made it a house-hold name.”

This isn’t happening! 

Westinghall ripped the TV out of the wall socket and threw it up to the ceiling. “You’re dead, dead!”

He picked up the phone and dialed the number of his benefactor.

This was not in the plan.

Continued next Monday

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