The Battle Begins, Part Two

Continued from Part One

While Powerhouse patrolled the skies over Seattle, a police helicopter flew up behind him. “Attention Powerhouse, we order you to land!”

Powerhouse complied.

The copter descended and came to a rest nearby. A officer got out and sauntered up. “Can I see your license?”

“Where would you get a license for a Jet pack?”

“Cute. Take off the helmet!”

“Excuse me?”

“Take it off.”

“That’s like asking Batman to remove his cowl. Never!”

“Okay, Bryan, get that mask off.”

Another officer jumped out of the copter. Powerhouse rocketed into the sky.

The helicopter went up after him, hot on his tail. “Give it up! There’s nowhere you can go where we won’t follow.”

Oh yeah? Powerhouse landed, lifted a manhole cover, and flew into the sewer.

Continued next Tuesday

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