Separation, Part Seven

Continued from Part Six

At angry voices, Revelator rushed into Jesse’s bedroom of their eighteenth century English cottage. Pantheon stood in a flimsy outfit in front of Jesse. “I have ways of changing your mind.” She reached behind her.

“I’m not about to betray my wife.”

She grasped a small golden arrow from her belt. Revelator caught her arm and squeezed. “Drop it, now!”

Pantheon said, “I could snap you in two with the strength of Ares.”

The Sword drew his blade. “Yes, but I think I’d be a tad more challenging.”

The arrow fell to the ground. Revelator picked it up. “Take a look, Sword.”

“What is this?”

“An arrow of Aphrodite. It’s laced with a nasty chemical cocktail. It’s her own little love potion.”

She slapped Revelator. “How dare you invade my thoughts.”

“That’s the least of your worries, sister. I know you don’t order your stuff off eBay, so you had the goods with you, which means you’ve done this before. Hero.”

Jesse glared. “Get out, now!”

Pantheon scrambled to obey. Revelator closed the door.

Jesse sighed. “Revelator, do you remember when her contract ends?”

“I believe in March.”

“I’ll have to use the buyout clause with her. I can’t have that type of person on our press. She’s not a good role model.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“You can read my thoughts.”

“Yeah, but you need to spit it out. You’ve been in a mood ever since we found out about Captain Skinhead.” His implant’s threat detector had picked up Small Packages’ thoughts on that, and he couldn’t agree more.

Jesse paced. “This is worse. I mean, we’ve had issues with him before, but I never would have expected this from her. She has these delusions of grandeur about us being the founding god and goddess of a new world with this as our Mount Olympus. She didn’t even care that I’m married.”

“Jesse, with the comic books, the action figures, the royalties, this is a business. And in a business you get all kinds.”

“When we get back, I’m definitely using the buyout option.”

If we get back.

Continued…Next Monday

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