Separation, Part One

Small Packages hurled through the air towards the twisted burning alien tree. The eighteen inch tall man screamed. “Help!”

Why had he tried to save Dark Mystic’s miserable hide? He’d picked a fine time to throw himself between the psychopath’s AK- 47 and Dark Mystic’s attempt to provoke Payday into firing bullets that would hit a tree that exploded into flames.

White light surrounded Small Packages. He stood before a white robed figure with thick blond hair. The light was too bright to tell gender for sure.

The melodic voice said, “Wheat from Tares. The day of separation is at hand.”

The light blinked out. Small Packages slammed into a familiar giant palm. The palm turned right side up and pulled away from the flames. Small Packages stood up. His twin brother had grown tall enough to catch him before he hit the flames.

Small Packages stared into the sunless sky as the fleeing Dark Mystic zoomed across it, powered by demonic rage. He climbed on on his brother’s shoulders. “Hurry! We got to catch him.”

Skyscraper rose to his full sixty-foot height and began to sprint. Small Packages shouted, “Hey, remember us!”

Dark Mystic growled.

“We have you now!” The Sword came in view, riding his flying blade like a surf board, carrying Revelator and Pantheon on board.

Small Packages laughed. “This just ain’t your day, Mystic.”

“Then I shall return for another.”

Dark Mystic pulled a round object from his robe and dropped it.

Purple smoke engulfed the heroes. Small Packages couldn’t see more than a few inches in front of him. He coughed.

A bright light flashed. When the smoke dissipated, Dark Mystic was gone.

Small Packages slammed his tiny fist into his palm. Skyscraper strode back to the fire. Skyscraper stomped out the blaze and then returned to his normal size.

Small Packages looked down at Payday. “Nice job.”

Continued…Next Monday

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