Powerhouse v. The Car Thieves, Part One

Powerhouse flew over the Seattle City Limits sign on the highway below. In the parking lot of a five-star restaurant half a mile down the road, a teenage boy hot-wired a luxury car and jumped in the seat. Powerhouse swooped down and suspended the car in the air. Focusing, he visualized turning the ignition off. The engine died. Powerhouse put down the car walked to the window. “You’re busted!”

“But, this is my car!”

“Then why are you hot-wiring it?”

“I forgot my keys.”

“Do I look stupid?”

The young man smirked and then stared at Powerhouse’s bulging muscles. “I think I’ll exercise my right to remain silent.”

Powerhouse glared and materialized ropes around the punk.

A man carrying car keys ran out to the car. “What’s going on here?”

“I caught this young man trying to steal your car and stopped him.”

The car owner scowled. “Who asked you to?”


“I have comprehensive insurance. If he’d stolen the car, I’d have gotten enough money for a big down payment on a new car. I don’t like this car anymore. Sure, it made me look great when I got it, but now it’s no longer the nicest car at work and I’m upside down on the payments. You ruined my good luck.”

What could he say? “I’m sorry.”

“You should be! I’ll call the police and have this guy arrested.”

“Good enough, citizen. Powerhouse away!”

Powerhouse arrived at the scene of a mugging a few minutes later. He tied up the assailants. The victim said, “Thank you, very much, sir.”

“May I have your name?”

The victim extended his hand. “Steven Pochecko.”

Powerhouse pulled out a notepad from his utility belt. “And your phone number.”

Pochecko drew back, wariness in his eyes. “Why do you want that?”

“So the police can prosecute them.”

Pochecko put out a hand. “I got my money back; there’s no need to prosecute.”

“If you don’t testify, these miscreants will do this again.”

“Not to me. I’m not gonna risk getting hurt by their friends.”

Powerhouse sighed. “Very well, citizen, I’ll have them untied in ten minutes. Then they can harm other people since you won’t do the right thing.”

“Fine with me.” Pochecko fled from the alley like a scared rabbit.

Ten minutes later, Powerhouse released the two muggers. “I’ll be watching you.”

Continued next Tuesday

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