Powerhouse v. Nightlord, Part Four

Continued from Part Three

Lieutenant Carnahan of the Seattle PD glanced over the mess in Jones’s bedroom and grimaced. Play it cool. “Reverend, you can’t live like this. You’ve got to take some precautions.”

The reverend shook his head. “I’m not going into protective custody.”

“Fine, I’m going to assign two guys to watch you 24/7, for your safety as well as that of the community.”

Powerfreak lifted a silver gloved finger in a cartoonish pose. “You’ll be doubly protected then.”

Carnahan scowled at the freak. “You stay out of sight. Let my men do their job. We don’t need you messing everything up.”

”Fair enough, I’ll be incognito.”

Carnahan shook his head. “Just don’t get in the way.” 

Why do we have to deal with the Super Powered freak?

Carnahan went outside and pulled out his cell. “Welch, I set it up. I’ll find the right men for the job.”

Continued next Tuesday

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