Powerhouse Flies Again Released + Tales of the Dim Knight Kindle Book Giveaway

The first of eight novella sequels to Tales of the Dim Knight have been released for the Kindle with Powerhouse Flies Again. 

Powerhouse Flies Again finds our hero Dave Johnson without his powers, taking care of his family, and living off of comic book royalties. However, he longs to make a difference and one of his attempts to do so nearly cost him his life.

When Powerhouse’s work and life is attacked by the cynical CEO of a shady corporation who alleges that Powerhouse didn’t make a difference, Dave gets another chance at being a superhero. This time he’s determined to make the most of it.  Find out what the plan is as Powerhouse makes his comeback in Powerhouse Flies Again! 

In addition, you can enjoy Tales of the Dim Knight, the original novel for free for the Kindle this Labor Day weekend.