Powerhouse and Adam Graham Discuss Dr. Who

With apologies to Abbott and Costello.
Powerhouse: So, I hear you’re pretty excited about the latest DVD you got from Netflix. Is it a Superhero?

Adam: No, it’s Science Fiction. It’s the classic story of a Time and  Traveling Doctor.

Powerhouse: Who?

Adam: Exactly. I gather he goes around the galaxy with various people he’s picked up and goes through time. It’s a  classic. In fact, they’ve got a plot device where they can change actors and each new actor is designated as the next doctor.There have been eleven doctors.

Powerhouse: Who are these doctors?

Adam: Yes, naturally.

Powerhouse: I’m asking you who are the doctors.

Adam: Well, I’m telling you Who are the doctors.

Powerhouse: What’s the name of the doctors?

Adam: No, Who’s the name of the doctors?

Powerhouse: Okay, who’s the name of the Doctors?

Adam:Now you’ve got it.

Powerhouse: I do?