Our Latest Issue is out!

Actually, it’s been out, but we had a few technical and snow related glitches, and so we’re just now announcing it. Anyway, I have to say, the artist, Melinda Reynolds, did a marvelous job on the cover:


Laser and Sword: Winter 2009

Print: $7.65

Download: $1.25

In our action packed serials:

-The apparent murder of the Russian hero, Defender sends eighteen inch tall hero, Small Packages, on a quest to find the killer. Meanwhile, after being retired for 13 years, can Captain Justice make a comeback with Earth’s heroes gone?

-Jirel has to act quickly before a fem fatale kills again. Her next target:  Private A. L. Snyder.

-Powerhouse faces the Invisibility Master, while Marcos and Night Lord close in on the Reverend.

What will happen in these stories? The answer is only one click away.