Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Seventeen

Continued from Part Sixteen

Back on Night Lord’s roof, the Em-erald Avenger scanned inside. Night Lord snored while the guards played Parcheesi. Good.

The Emerald Avenger put on a gas mask, broke a hole in the roof, and threw a container of sleeping gas into the room.

The guards fell on the Parcheesi board, already napping.

The Emerald Avenger broke through the roof of Night Lord’s room in The Aveng-ing Eagle.

Night Lord startled and reached under  his bed for a weapon.

The Emerald Avenger lashed out his bull whip, grabbed Night Lord’s hand, and pulled the screaming man up as The Avenging Eagle ascended.

The Emerald Avenger pressed a but-ton. A needle extended and pierced Night Lord.

The screaming stopped.

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