Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Seven

Continued from Part Six

Jimmy Olsen lay between two gar-bage cans in the alley. It felt like an elephant on fire was sitting on his chest. Night Lord’s gang scattered. Distant sirens grew ever fainter.

The eleven-year-old choked on his own blood, tears filling his eyes and fear pouring out along with his life.

Powerhouse. Powerhouse, where were you? You promised to protect me. Power-house, help me. I could really use a super-hero right now. I’m going to die. I’m scared. Please, Powerhouse, you could have stop-ped them. Help, somebody save me!

A Middle Eastern man in a shining white robe walked up, his sandals going clipety-clip on the pavement.

Jimmy whimpered, “Powerhouse?”

His hero scooped him up, holding him in his arms like he was still a baby. The pain left like a bad dream.

Jimmy spotted the ugly scar on his hero’s wrist and gasped—he knew this Man!

Tears engulfed his hero’s cheeks. “Let’s go home, son.”

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