Editor and Chief: Adam Graham

Assistant Editor: Andrea Graham

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Publication: Quarterly (January, April, July, and October.) in ezine and POD book form.

Writer’s Submission Guidelines:

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Adventure/Action Hero serial fiction.

Submission Method: EQuery first with an outline for a series of at least three short stories.

Submission Deadline: The 15th of February, May, August, and November.

Payment: $10 per story for 1st or reprint rights. Payment made before publication.

Bible Version: King James/New King James preferred, but open to most other translations (does not include the Message or other paraphrases.) Note: quoting the bible not required.

Standards: Avoid showing “on stage” graphic violence, sexual intercourse, and excessive profanity. Your characters don’t all have to be saints, but we do expect scenes to be done in good taste/decency, and for sin to have real consequences/be portrayed in a negative light. Also, while this is an adult magazine, we do prefer stories suitable for teenage boys.


We are looking for strong action heroes that have depth and staying power. Historical examples include Zorro, Batman, Spider-Man, Tom Swift, and Indiana Jones. Note we don’t accept fan fiction or copy cats. Likewise, we expect fiction to adhere to modern quality standards, including a strong POV. “We are not interested in omniscient narrators or Tom Swifties,” Andrea said, patiently.
Also, please insure that all submitted works have been polished as good as you can get it and preferably had a professional-quality edit or been submitted to a critique group. While we will work with you to smooth rough edges, we won’t do a total re-write.

For assistance with self-editing we recommend: and specifically their critique circle.

Illustrator’s Guidelines:

Submission: Accepting queries in the months of February, May, August, and November. All images must be submitted by e-mail in .jpg format unless illustrator requests otherwise. Prefers high resolution 8′ x 10′. Ideally, we prefer cover images illustrative of the content of the issue. Simply e-mail the editors asking what type of cover picture is needed for the upcoming issue and/or request a sample story from one of our current serials. If multiple quality submissions are received, we may offer to take it as a back cover or inside illustration. Note our print edition is in black and white on the inside.

Payment: $20 on acceptance for front cover, $10 on acceptance for back cover, $5 for inside, +acknowledgment in the magazine.

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