Jirel’s Farewell, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

The Friends of the Earth, assembled in the small auditorium, screamed for blood. Botox Erickson swallowed—for his blood.

Master Henry Falcon stepped out of the wings, shrouded in the black robe of authority. “Do you persist in denying the doctrine of forced extinction?”

It’d all seemed so simple, such a great way to escape the rat race. Get a vasectomy, join a commune. Save the earth by living a minimal impact life and reduce the surplus population by not reproducing. Extinction had never made sense, but wasn’t a real threat. At least not before this new teaching.

Botox spat. “You’re mad. All of you are mad!”

Master Falcon slapped him. The crowd chanted at full blast. “Save the earth! Kill the man! Kill the man! Kill the man!”

Master Falcon pulled a sword from under his robe. “Your sacrifice will erase your carbon footprint and save the lives of untold innocent creatures.”

Botox closed his eyes and pictured his brother’s concerned face. Hyundai was right. This is crazy. “Jesus, please help me like Hyundai said you would.”

Falcon thrust the sword into Botox’s chest. The crowd roared in elation.

A light shined. A voice came from the light, “Come.”

Falcon shouted, “One down, only eight billion more to go!”

Continued next week…

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