Jirel’s Farewell, Part Six

 Continued from Part Five

The door sprung open. Sergeant Jirel Cutler and three Las Vegas police officers burst into the room. Snyder sucked in air quickly. Breathing had never felt so good.

The officer with “Montez” on his shirt screamed, “Get up!”

Amanda said, “We were just playing.”

“I bet,” said the officer in charge. “Up on your feet, stand against the wall. Montez, search her.”

“I’m a Captain with the Imperial Army Intelligence.”

The cop in charge laughed. “My boss couldn’t care less.”

Amanda stood up. The cop walked be-hind the couch and bent down. A woman cried, “What are you doing?”

The cop pulled a slutty woman up from behind the couch. “You like men so much? I hope you also like the back of a squad car.”

“You can’t do this to me! I don’t want to be seen.”

Man, how did that whacko get in here?

“Then you’re going to hate county lock-up,” said Montez. “What happened?”

“It was nothing.” Amanda shrugged. “A lamp fell over. Probably that thief trying to scare us. As for him and I, there’s no law against lovers.”

There’s a few against strangulation.

The cop in charge said, “It’s a lie. You tried to hit him with the lamp. When he jumped out of the way, you began to strangle him.”

How did he know what had happened?

Amanda laughed. “Prove it. The thief did it, not me.”

“You weren’t wearing gloves,” said the cop in charge. “Your fingerprints are all over that lamp. And the marks on his neck match your hands.”

Montez said, “Kid, what do you say happened?”

Amanda stared at Snyder. “Come on, tell him. It was the thief.”

Montez asked him, “Is she telling the truth?”

If I tell them what she wants, I’ll be left here with her. And I can’t tell them the truth. Snyder shook his head.

Amanda screamed, “Tell them!”

Montez said to her, “We’re booking you on suspicion of attempted murder.”

Continued…Next Thursday

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