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Laser and Sword Magazine Issue 6 ( Summer 2009)

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Your Favorite Laser and Sword Characters are back with exciting new Adventures: Small Packages seeks to root out the traitor who is eliminating members of the Order of the Sword, while avoiding becoming the next victim. A trip home turns deadly as Private A.L. Snyder finds himself battling eco-terrorists at 30,000 feet. After the death of a local Pastor, Powerhouse must carry on the fight against drugs and crime, but is he up to the challenge? All this and more is available in this edition of Laser and Sword Magazine.


Laser & Sword Magazine Issue 5 (Winter/Spring 2009)

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In our action packed serials:
-The apparent murder of the Russian hero, Defender sends the eighteen inch tall hero, Small Packages, on a quest to find the killer. Meanwhile, after being retired for 13 years, can Captain Justice make a comeback with Earth’s heroes gone?
-Jirel has to act quickly before a fem fatale kills again. Her next target: Private A.L. Snyder.
-Powerhouse faces the Invisibility Master, while Marcos and Night Lord close in on Reverend Jones, whose inner city ministry is cutting in on their drug profits.
What will happen in these stories? The answer is only one click away.

Laser and Sword: Autumn 2008

Laser and Sword: Autumn 2008

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How will Dark Mystic strike next against the Order of the Sword? Also in this issue, Sgt Jirel Cutler faces off with an unseen enemy seeking to destroy Private A L Snyder, and Powerhouse meets a hero that doesn’t wear tights, or need a mask.

Laser & Sword Issue 3

Laser & Sword Magazine Issue 3

Print: $8.00

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This issue, the Dark Mystic intensifies his campaign of terror against the Order of the Sword. The Sword journeys onto Dark Mystic’s home turf while Payday lays a trap with Speedskater as the bait. Meanwhile, A.L. Snyder finds himself hanging upside down, held by a mysterious man who claims to know Snyder’s father. Jirel discovers what the unknown mission is, but finds his rogue helpers reluctant to get involved. Powerhouse, failing to find major criminals in his hometown goes after jaywalkers and other minor technical violators of the law in his search for something to do.

Laser & Sword Issue 2

Laser and Sword: Spring, 2008

Print: $7.95

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The Order Sword faces new challenges after their betrayal by a longtime ally as they must survive in an unknown land with dangerous foe stalking them.

Meanwhile, in Rise of the Judge, while Private A.L. Snyder cuts his teeth in his first assignment in Imperial Army Intelligence, Sergeant Jirel Cutler has unwanted visitors reporting to him for “An Unknown Mission.”
In the first part of “Tales of the Dim Knight,” Superhero Superfan Dave Johnson’s dreams come true when he finds the key to becoming a superpowered hero. His biggest challenge? Finding a name.


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Laser and Sword Magazine: Winter 2008

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In this issue:

-Earth’s greatest hero, The Sword, seeks to unite all of Earth’s heroes, but will personal rivalries break the Guild of Heroes apart? And can the Sword’s chief ally be trusted?
-A hard luck gang leader from Boise, Idaho gets a second chance in the Imperial Military. Will he thrive or find himself in a hangman’s noose?
Laser and Sword Magazine revives the lost art of serial short fiction with exciting results.