Give a Writer Two Helping Clicks

Donna Fletcher Crow kindly included Tales of the Dim Knight in a promotion on her site, as she asked reader’s help to optomize her book on Amazon writing:

If you would take a minute to click on the links to my books below— and I’ve included links for 3 of my special friends’ books as well— and make those 2 clicks:

See those stars below the title of the book? If you see a like button, click it. If the button doesn’t appear, roll your cursor over the stars.

Then scroll on down below the reviews. You’ll see a list of tags. The quickest thing to do is simply click on Do you agree with these tags? That will check all the tags, making the title of that book show up more quickly when a reader enters one of those terms in a search. Of course, you can select tags individually or even add new ones if you wish, but one click will do it.

This is a very good idea that we’ll “borrow” and of course return the favor by including Donna’s books here as well as my friend Ray Ellis’ new book, NHI. So, it would be a great help to follow the links below to our books’ amazon pages, click the like button there, and add any appropriate tags.