Fly Another Day Give Away

Andrea and I have released a sequel to Tales of the Dim Knight. Entitled Fly ANother Day is available in Paperback and for the Kindle. Also between now and the 30th, we’re doing a giveaway on Goodreads for a free paperback copy. Details follow below:

The Champion of the Emerald City battles an onslaught of kidnappers, drug dealers, litigious lawyers, and alien robots, but he is not alone. He relies on his new-found faith, and he has the help of his friends Zolgron and Captain France. Enjoy laughs and fond memories of the superheroes you’ve loved since childhood in these two sensational novellas.

Powerhouse regains the superpowers he lost a year ago and returns to the skies of Seattle, determined to replace evil with good. Unfortunately, evil is already returning. Inter-dimensional aliens hire Powerhouse critic Mitch Farrow as the CEO of Dorado Incorporated. In exchange, Farrow must promote apathetic cynicism to destroy humans’ will to resist the aliens’ planned conquest of the Earth.

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Fly Another Day by Adam Graham

Fly Another Day

by Adam Graham

Giveaway ends March 30, 2013.

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