Fifth Column, Part Twelve

Continued from Part Eleven

Small Packages stopped behind the two empty cottages between Payday’s and the shared digs. “Revelator’s tracks end here.”

Commander Justice said, “We should split up and head off in different directions to see where he went.”

The Sword shook his head. “We learned from the Defender what happens when we’re alone. Commander Justice, come with me. Revolution, you stay with Small Pack-ages and Skyscraper, and we’ll head off in separate directions. We’ll go about 500 yards. If we don’t find him, we’ll get every-one on it.”

After they had parted from Sword and Commander, Captain Revolution folded his arms. “Are you going to try and blame this on me, too?”

Small Packages frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m just pointing out you were with me the last time Revelator was seen alive.”

 A hundred yards later, Small Packages stopped. “I see something to the right.”

They walked another ninety yards.

Small Packages grimaced.

On the ground lay Revelator’s uniform, with a large glop of blood on it.

We’ve got another hero gone and with him the most reliable way to find the killer.

He looked over at Captain Revolution.

Now, we’re back to square one.

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