Farewell Jirel, Part Four

Continued from Part Three

Snyder cursed. “I can’t believe I miss-ed this. The whole thing shorted out.”

Amanda grabbed the device from Snyder’s hand and threw it across the luxury hotel room. “Thanks to your crap, we lost $200 million.”

“But we wouldn’t have gotten to even $6 million without it.”

Amanda shrieked, “Are you saying this is my fault?”

“I did suggest we stop at $3 million. That’s more then enough for anybody.”

She grabbed him by the shirt collar and tossed him off the bed onto the floor. “You think small, Snyder! A big house. A new luxury car. It all could have been ours if you hadn’t screwed it up.”

She grabbed the lamp off the end table and smacked it in her hands like a billy club.

“What are you doing? Amanda!”

 Snyder tried to force himself to his feet. Amanda moved closer with the lamp.

Move, Snyder, move.

“Hold still, Snyder. This won’t hurt—for long.”

Amanda hurled the lamp at Snyder’s skull. He threw himself out of the way.

The lamp shattered not two inches from his left ear.

He breathed heavily. Shards of broken ceramic lay all around him.

Amanda threw herself on top of him. She ripped off her scarf, wrapped it around his neck, and began to pull.

Snyder gasped for air.

Continued…Next Thursday

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