EP0279: The Pan-Am Highway, Part Fifteen

Can Clark and Jimmy get past the guards and get the dynamite Superman needs to clear the way for the Pan-Am highway?

Original Air Date: December 17, 1941

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One thought on “EP0279: The Pan-Am Highway, Part Fifteen”

  1. Adam, you read a comment yesterday after the finale of “The Pan Am Highway” from a listener about how Clark Kent without his glasses – as he must have been while wearing his Inca costume – must have looked like Superman to the members of his expedition, and I thought I would like to comment on that. I’ve listened to almost all of the episodes to date, except for a few serials in the middle, and I haven’t heard anything said about the fact that Clark Kent wore glasses in this radio version. I don’t know to what extent this early radio version is based on the comic strip, but my take on it that as long as Superman is trying to keep his existence a secret, so far known only to Jimmy and maybe Lois, he doesn’t have to go to such extremes to disguise himself and so maybe he doesn’t wear glasses. In the introduction he is portrayed as being “mild” but nothing is said about his being meek. That’s in later incarnations of Superman I believe. I could be wrong. In the fifties TV version and all later versions Clark Kent seems to deliberately portray the image that he will go out of his way to avoid any and all trouble and danger, but I’ve noticed that that isn’t so in this radio version. He’s much bolder here. That’s the way I like to see it anyway. And as far as all the other possible inconsistencies, I like to remember that Superman is a fantasy and as such is science fiction, so if the writers take some liberties I forgive them. It’s all part of the game.

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