Deadly Sins, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

Two weeks into the reign of Greywolf, Snyder sat at his workstation. At footsteps, he glanced over his shoulder. Captain Greywolf was walking up the stairs.

Man, she had better not be here to razz him about how he’d handled his assignment. Corporal Jones had been over twice so Snyder could demonstrate how, with a 175 IQ, you could handle these misfired e-mails in  forty-five seconds. This sort of nonsense was why he dropped out of high school.

Greywolf stood at Snyder’s desk. “Private, come with me.”

Snyder stood and followed her down the stairs. Snyder swallowed hard. What if she’d found out about him covering for Christians? Would he hang in Boise, or would they hang him here?

Greywolf led him down the hall past the break room to a closet door. She turned. “Do you know what’s behind this door?”

“Let me guess. It’s not a closet.”

Greywolf ran her hand along the side of the door. The door slid up. Inside was a dimly lit room with a double wide recliner, three workstations, and two other techies at work already.

“Welcome to the Emergency Ops room, Private. We call this room into operation at my discretion. The Los Angeles Police Department and the IBI are hunting for a serial killer raping and killing women. We’re going to provide them some assistance.”

“Makes for a nice change of pace.”

“We’ll be working longer shifts until this is brought to a conclusion. You’ll work from 0800 to 2030. Once this is wrapped up, you’ll be given a day off for every day here.”

Snyder cracked his knuckles. “Let’s get to work.”

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