Day of Dread, Part Seven

Continued from Part Six

The MP shook his head. “You can speak to him during visiting hours.”

“I’m in command of Specialist Snyder’s department. I need to discuss something with him regarding the case.”

Merle lifted his index finger. “If it’s about the case, we can go to a conference room.”

Kendal shook her head. “I’d like to speak with Snyder privately. Maybe we could step outside for a smoke.”

Merle said to the MP, “Take them to the smoking area and give them ten minutes. I’ll ensure that it’s cleared.”

“As you order, sir.” The MP led Snyder and Kendal out to the smoking area. A lone lieutenant dangled a cigarette. The Lieutenant put out his cigarette and headed in.

Snyder reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a cigarillo. “I thought you’d quit.”

“After this, I’m doing a pack a day again. But I thought you only did cigars?”

“They don’t give us enough time to smoke a good cigar in here.”

“I’m going to tell the truth.”

Snyder puffed on the cigarillo. “About?”

“About me forcing Dread to promote you and that he asked me to ‘dance’ for some of his friends to amuse them. When I didn’t, he stuck me with jobs that would never be assigned to a Master First Sergeant.”

“You’d be confessing to extortion. It’d be the end of your career.”

“It’d saved your life.”

“I’d be an accessory after the fact.”

“I’ll tell them I didn’t tell you. Dread’s credibility will be destroyed.”

“If you stay in, you’d lose your command of the Religious Intelligence specialists.”

“I got you in this.”

“I’m not going to let innocent people die because some desk jockey found out about their church. Please, let me handle this. I’m going to see Dr. Boulet. She’ll help us.”

“And what if you get sentenced to death.”

Snyder took a puff on his cigar. “Then I go to plan B.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m working on it.”

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