Day of Dread, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

The guard came out and led Snyder back inside the stockade. “Your mother and your brother are here to see you.”

Snyder handed the cigars to the guard. “Could you watch these? My mother wouldn’t like it if she saw these.”

“Can I have one? I’ve always been curious what it’d be like to smoke a cigar.”

“If you’re curious, try a mild cigar. These babies are so strong they’ll make you sick.”

“Can I have one in case I do like the mild one?”

You mean to barter it.  “Sure, just keep ‘em out of sight from my mom.”

Snyder walked through the door. Mama Borden turned her face away. “Dear Lord, what did they do to you?” She ran over to Snyder and wrapped her arms around him.

Pain coursed through his body. He was in no condition for one of mama’s bear hugs.

Substitute Daddy, Cerulean said, “What’s the charge they’re holding you on?”

“Insubordination and treason.”

Mama Borden gasped and covered her mouth. “Treason? What for?”

“My Commanding Officer took me out to dinner to celebrate my promotion to Specialist. He then said he had something else to give me and led me outside the harem. When I refused to go in, he brought me back here and had me flogged by his ever-loving pal, Baby Huey.”

“And that’s when they charged you?”

“No, they let me go, and I sent a letter to the Steward complaining about the flogging. Well, it turned out he wasn’t telling the truth about being open to any soldier’s concern as by Tuesday, I was man-handled by Baby Huey and put under arrest.”

“I always said that Steward was nothin’ but a flashy cracker.”

Exactly what I want to hear.  I told you so.

Cerulean said, “Did you get yourself a good lawyer?”

“He’s not optimistic about getting me off.”

“Can you get an attorney that is?”

“I don’t think so.”

“We’ll be there for you at the trial.”

Hopefully, they wouldn’t have to attend a hanging.

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