Countdown, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

“Two, one,” Kendell said from the grate.

Dread hit the floor as the grate flew off the air duct and into the glass, shattering it. Dread and Snyder stood. Kendell came out of the air duct, smiling.

She saluted. “Sergeant Kendell report-ing, sir!”

Snyder set a charge on the door.

Dread asked, “How?”

Kendell shrugged. “You wouldn’t believe how many explosive materials you can find in their kitchen.”

Snyder sealed the charge he’d put on the door and set the timer to twenty seconds. “Sir, we need to stand back.”

Gas wafted through the ventilator.

Dread grimaced. “She figured out we escaped.”

Good job, Colonel Obvious. Snyder sucked in a breath and held it, gesturing for Kendell and Dread to do likewise.

The charge detonated and broke the door’s lock. Snyder and Dread grabbed their revolvers, and all three charged out.

Dread called back, “I’ll head north, you two head south.”

Snyder closed his eyes, reviewing the blue print in his mind. “Sarge, I know where she is.”


“Trust me, Sarge. We got to hurry.”

“You got yourself captured last time.”

“She probably has set a trap between here and the communications room, yeah.”

“Where’s that?”

Snyder pointed. “Sixty feet through that hallway, on the left.”

Kendell reached in her pocket, pulled out a tennis ball, and threw it down the hallway.

A series of knives came out from the wall, the floor and ceiling. 

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