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Laser and Sword Issue 2 Now Available

Laser and Sword, Issue 2 is now available for downloading or print orders. In this issue:

-The Order of the Sword must survive a harsh new environment, while a predator stalks their every move.

-When A.L. Snyder takes his first assignment for Imperial Army Intelligence, he’s haunted by a memory from his past. Meanwhile, Jirel has surprise visitors show up for Jirel to lead them on a mission he knows nothing about.

-In Tales of the Dim Knight: Superhero superfan Dave Johnson finds the secret to become a powerful hero. His first challenge: finding a name.

Purchase Laser and Sword Magazine for only $1.25 for the e-issue here.  If you still haven’t read the first issue, you can download it at no charge here.

Winter 2008: Issue 1 of Laser and Sword

Issue 1 of Laser and Sword Is Out in its E-edition. Once we receive our final version of the cover art from  our fabulous illustrator, Melinda Reynolds, a print edition will be available as well.

In this month’s issue:

  • Earth’s greatest hero, The Sword, seeks to unite all of Earth’s heroes, but will personal rivalries break the Guild of Heroes apart before its first mission? And can the Sword’s chief ally be trusted?
  • A hard luck gang leader from Boise, Idaho gets a second chance in the Imperial Military. Will he thrive in the military or find himself in a hangman’s noose?

Laser and Sword Magazine revives the lost art of serial short fiction with exciting results!

This quarter’s e-Edition is FREE because we’re confident that after this first issue, you’ll want to see what’s the next! Subscribe to our free e-mail list and we’ll keep your abreast on upcoming  projects and issues, providing you exclusive info at no charge.

So what do you have to lose? Download this week’s issue, read it, let us know what you think. Click here to get your free copy today.