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Winter 2008: Issue 1 of Laser and Sword

Issue 1 of Laser and Sword Is Out in its E-edition. Once we receive our final version of the cover art from  our fabulous illustrator, Melinda Reynolds, a print edition will be available as well.

In this month’s issue:

  • Earth’s greatest hero, The Sword, seeks to unite all of Earth’s heroes, but will personal rivalries break the Guild of Heroes apart before its first mission? And can the Sword’s chief ally be trusted?
  • A hard luck gang leader from Boise, Idaho gets a second chance in the Imperial Military. Will he thrive in the military or find himself in a hangman’s noose?

Laser and Sword Magazine revives the lost art of serial short fiction with exciting results!

This quarter’s e-Edition is FREE because we’re confident that after this first issue, you’ll want to see what’s the next! Subscribe to our free e-mail list and we’ll keep your abreast on upcoming  projects and issues, providing you exclusive info at no charge.

So what do you have to lose? Download this week’s issue, read it, let us know what you think. Click here to get your free copy today.

Character Profile: The Sword

Age: 32

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 155

Alter Ego: Jesse Miller 

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Raised Methodist, Attends Megachurch

Occupation: World’s Greatest Hero, Comic Book Company CEO

Powers: Superb Physical Conditioning, Fencing Skills, Wielder of the world’s most powerful blade.

Organization: Guild of Heroes (President)

The Skinny: The Sword is the world’s most admired hero. Through the Sword Comic Books, he provides Earth’s heroes with a piece of the action from the comic book and toy markets. As the Sword, he is the charismatic leader who has brought together all the Earth’s greatest heroes into the Guild of Heroes and will lead them on a mission to Jamaica.

Character Profile: A.L. Snyder in Crossroads

Name: A.L. Snyder

Age: 16

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 150 lbs. 

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Religion: Catholic (Lapsed)

Occupation: Hoodlum, Private in the Imperial Army

The Skinny:As leader of the Vigilante Gang, “The Commanders,” Snyder brought justice to the gangs of Boise. However, when he steps over the line, he faces a clear choice: death by hanging or serving three years in the military.

As a high school dropout, Snyder must pass the GED. If he doesn’t, he’s on his way back to Boise, with a one way ticket to the gallows.

Welcome to Laser and Sword Magazine


Many years ago, inexpensive pulp books made heroes available to everyone in magazine form. Then, along came comic books and television, and the pulp fiction magazines went away.

Short Fiction in recent years has focused on one-shot heroes. While many talented writers pen short stories, it’s hard to get to know or appreciate characters who, after one story, are never heard from again.

Great heroes such as Zorro and Sherlock Holmes were born as short story characters. Today, future Zorros and Holmeses languish for lack of a forum.

Thus, the purpose for Laser and Sword Magazine. We believe the time is ripe for a new generation of heroes, particularly with what has beset the media that supplanted the pulps. Hollywood has run out of ideas, and is constantly trying to remaking older more successful works. Many Comic Books have turned away from the heroic in order to appease a post-modern age.

At Laser and Sword Magazine, we believe in heroes. We believe in high quality work and are dedicated to telling the great stories that demand to be told.

Our Beliefs

We hold to a Christian worldview. That doesn’t mean inside every story is a sermon, but that does mean you can expect a certain standard in the stories you read.

This does not mean that a story will not ruffle someone’s theological feathers or that all the characters are Saints. But rather, we believe in a right and wrong and absolute truth, and absolute good and evil. That will be reflected in the stories we tell.