At Long Last! Issue 6 is out

We are excited to announce we have the long awaited issue six now available, and a cool cover courtesy of my brother-in-law:

cover6Your Favorite Laser and Sword Characters are back with exciting new Adventures: Small Packages seeks to root out the traitor who is eliminating members of the Order of the Sword, while avoiding becoming the next victim. A trip home turns deadly as Private A.L. Snyder finds himself battling eco-terrorists at 30,000 feet. After the death of a local Pastor, Powerhouse must carry on the fight against drugs and crime, but is he up to the challenge? All this and more is available in this edition of Laser and Sword Magazine.

Buy Print edition: $8.90

Download: $1.25

Yes, I know the print price is ridiculous. That would be Lulu’s fault. If anyone knows a cheaper printer, we will consider the tip.


Andrea Graham,

Asst. Editor