Ask a Superhero: What Do You Think You Were Doing

Welcome to our continuing weekly feature where we ask a question of a Superhero, Dave Johnson, aka Powerhouse and the Emerald Avenger.

Interviewer: Well, fancy meeting you.

Dave Johnson: You in a bad mood?

Int.: You were supposed to be here every week for the past two months! And I’ve been here and where have you been? Do you think I’ve got nothing better to do.

Dave: Really, I’m sorry.

Int.: You could have called, you could have written-

Dave: Would you like to know why I was gone?

Int.: I don’t care! I have no interest in knowing what you were doing. I just have one question.

Dave: And that is?

Int.: What were you doing all these months?

*Dave blinks*

Dave: Okay, well, the writers were doing a rewrite. They wanted to fill in some blanks.

Int.: It took them two months.

Dave: Well, they interviewed Naomi and her friend Carmela, and they needed to get some more information from me. Apparently, I’d been a little vague on a few details.

Int.: Is there anything else to come out of this?

Dave: Well, the authors felt the door was open to a sequel.

Int.: So that’s what this was all about. A sequel! You get more royalties, they get more royalties and I spend two months of you not showing up. I didn’t go to interviewer school for this!

Dave: It really wasn’t-

Int.: This is all about the plush toys.

Dave: What?

Int.: The writers have got all kinds of rights, and they’ve spent these two months sprucing up your story so that you can sell plush toys and a hundred sequels.

Dave: I wouldn’t do 100 sequels. If I do a sequel, I’m only doing one.

Int.: Why only one?

Dave: Well, think about this Superman II was better than Superman the Movie, Spiderman II was better than Spiderman, The Dark Knight was better than Batman Begins.

Int: Okay, and your point?

Dave: Superheroes can only make a good story and then a good sequel. After that, it’s all downhill. Think Superman III, Spiderman III, Teenant Mutant Ninja Turtles III. No, I’d only consent to one sequel.

Int.: As long as you get to sell your plush toys.

Dave: You’re bitter about that. No one has signed a plush toy contract.

Int.: Not yet. But you will.

Dave: Do you think you’ll be in a better mood next week. How about we come back then with a reader question.

Int.: I’ll decide when to end this interview, and I think now’s a good time. E-mail your questions for Dave to He may decide to grace us with his presence.

Dave: Oh come on, I’ll be here.

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