Ask a Superhero: Picking a Name

Welcome to our continuing weekly feature where we ask a question of a Superhero, Dave Johnson, aka Powerhouse and the Emerald Avenger.

Interviewer: Our next question comes Kit Tyler in Tyler, Texas. Kit wants to know if he became a superhero, how would he pick out his name?

Dave: This is a great question for a potential superhero to think of and I racked my brain until one of my kids gave me a name. As you may not have a kid to name you, I actually have come up with some great supehero names that I’ll let anyone takes who wants to use them:
  1. The Human Itch
  2. Expendable Man
  3. The Fool
  4. The Rope Burn Kid
  5. Amoeba Dude
  6. The Amazing Ordinary Man
  7. Flea Bag
  8. Flag Football Commando
  9. Used Car Man
Int: And if people don’t want the villains to laugh.
Dave: Well, there’s a reason these names haven’t been taken yet. Otherwise, you just need to make sure the name’s not taken. Perhaps, the best thing to do is to use a Thesaurus. For example if you want to strike fear in the hearts of criminals use a synonym for fear and put a “the”before it. Anyone will do.
Int: Like The Terror?
Dave: No, The Terror’s been taken. However, you could be, The Consternation.
Int: So, ‘Stand back villains, I’m the Costernation.’
Dave: You got it.
Int: That doesn’t sound quite right.
Dave: Well, you take it out for a test drive, use it on a mission and see how it works.
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