All Good Things Must Come To An End…Laser and Sword’s Final Curtain call

I’ve received an ever-increasing number of e-queries abou Laser and Sword Magazine. I fully intend to do one more issue of Laser and Sword that will wrap up the Rise of the Judge and Order of the Sword series, and Tales of the Dim Knight is already available as a book.  So, we’ll have wrapped up all the serials. What I certainly don’t want to do is leave anyone forever hanging.

Does this mean that we’ve given up on the idea of serials? Well, no.  But new technology has made the model with which we purused Laser and Sword somewhat obsolete and unworkable, but with new technology makes serialization more worthwhile as well as more workable.

The prices at which we’ve been able to sell Laser and Sword magazine as a paperback book have never been quite satisfactory in terms of being as affordable as old pulp magazines. The electronic end of it is quite a bit more workable, but I don’t think our model of trying to sell three different serials as a package deal makes a lot of sense.

The future of serialization will rely on ebook readers and the sale of individual titles and story lines. 99 cent ebooks will revolutionize the distribution of short works in the same way that 99 cent songs have revolutionized the distribution of music.

As to the serialization we’ve been posting here, we’ll resume posting new serial parts next week and continue through the end of the year. If we receive feedback indicating the stories are valuable and useful to readers, we’ll continue them. If not, we’ll look towards the future with different focuses.