It’s No Joke: April Fools Sale: Tales of the Dim Knight Ebook 99 Cents Through April 1st

April Fools Day is coming up and they’ll be some clever pranks that will fool even some savvy people in the media. Some of us will also experience the “Joys” of attempts at humor by people who think the Whoopie Cushion was the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

In honor of April Fools Day, we’re offering a great deal on our book, “Tales of the Dim Knight” that’s no joke. Today, Tomorrow, and Friday, Tales of the Dim Knight is available for only 99 cents for your ebook reader.

Tales of the Dim Knight is the humorous story of Dave Johnson, a superhero fan who gets superpowers and follows his adventures fighting crime and trying to hold his family together.  More information and a free sample chapter is available here.

Purchase your copy today and enjoy some laughs this April Fools today. :

If you have another ebook reader, you can purchase your copy at, just use coupon code, “XG43J.” And let your fans and social networks know about this great sale.

You can also enter the contest to win an autographed copy at “New Authors Fellowship” which also features an interview with the hero of our book. And I was recently the special guest of B. J. K. Write on his blog.